80-20 Internal Bond Tester and Prep Station


80-20 Internal Bond Tester and Prep Station


The Internal Bond™ Tester is designed to determine the internal bond strength of a variety of Paper and Board materials according to TAPPI T 569 and ISO 16260. The instrument design is based on a falling pendulum which creates a high speed impact on a paper specimen. The paper specimen is sandwiched between two double-coated tape substrates. The pendulum impact measures the total energy required to delaminate the internal fibers of a specimen in a “Z” type direction into two plies.

An automatic sample preparation station 
(Model 80-30)
 is available which allows five specimens to be accurately pressed and cut simultaneously. The prep station includes a safety enclosure over the cutting blades, eliminating the use of box cutting knives to separate the individual test specimens.


  • 7” inch full-color digital touchscreen display
  • Storage and editing of up to 100 readings including average and standard deviation
  • Selectable units (ft.lb/in², J/m² and kg•cm)
  • Easy-to-use one button operation for clamping anvil and starting test
  • Report printout with built-in printer
  • Magnetic hammer release
  • Automatic calibration
  • Ability to create, edit and save test procedures
  • Automatic specimen hold-down during test sequence
  • RS-232 serial output
  • Universal power supply for 110V / 220V operations
  • Automatic pendulum brake after test (optional)
  • Calibration block set for verifying calibration (optional)

    Calibration Block Set

    80-20-01 calibration block set is available for verifying calibration. The block set can be used with each of the 3 available pendulums. A force verification document for each range pendulum is included.

    A set of 5 verification blocks are provided to check the operation. The block set is a proven method to insure the instrument is operating correctly. The verification procedure includes a support fixture which is clamped onto the base and supports the block. The verification block rests in the support fixture. When the pendulum swings, it contacts the block. When the block is impacted by the pendulum, the system measures the force/resistance to move the block from the support fixture.

      80-20 Internal Bond Tester and Prep Station

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      80-20 Internal Bond Tester and Prep Station


      • Model: 
        80-20-02-0003 Ibond tester without brake 
        80-20-02-0004 Ibond tester with brake
      • Ranges: 
        0 – 841 J/m² (0 – 400 ft.lb x 10-3) 
        315 – 1575 J/m² (150 – 750 ft.lb x 10-3) 
        420 – 2100 J/m² (200 – 1000 ft.lb x 10-3)
      • Pendulum Release: Magnetic
      • Peak/Angular Resolution: 0.04″
      • Results Units: ft.lb/in²,  J/m²,  kg•cm
      • Statistics: Average, Standard Deviation, Minimum and Maximum
      • Weight/Dimensions 23 kg (51 lb) / (W x D x H) 53.3 x 40 x 60.3 cm (21 x 15.7 x 23.7)

      Pendulums (Must be ordered separately, please specify)

      • 80-20-04    0.4 ft.lb/in² pendulum assembly (standard range)
      • 80-20-02    0.75 ft.lb/in² pendulum assembly
      • 80-20-03    1.0 ft.lb/in² pendulum assembly


      • 80-20-01    Calibration Block Set
      • 80-20-02-001    Ibond update kit (upgrade existing models)


      Prep Station Specifications

      • Dwell time: 1 to 4 seconds
      • Selectable units: kPa and psi
      • Sample Press Timer: user adjustable 1-40 seconds
      • 5 Aluminum platens: sample size of 25.4 x 25.4 mm (1.0 x 1.0 inches)
      • Sample thickness range: up to 1.25 mm (0.050 inches)
      • Clamping pressure control: 690 kPa (100 psi) +/- 20.7 kPa (3 psi)
      • Selectable samples cuts: 1-50 times
      • Air requirements: 283-682 kPa (80 – 125 psi) Filtered/Dry Air
      • Dimensions: H 49.3 cm x W 32.3 cm x D 35.5 cm (H 19.4 in. W 12.7 in. D 14.0 in.)
      • Weight: 22.7 kg (50 lb.)
      • Power requirements: 80-264 VAC, 47-63Hz

      A consistent method of sample preparation is necessary to insure repeatable test data. The TMI Ibond prep station automatically presses and cuts test specimens to exact requirements providing significant improvements in testing precision. The 80-30 Sample Prep Station provides a consistent adhesive transfer when pressing the test specimen between the double-sided tape and aluminum platens.

      Unlike other sample prep stations, the TMI Ibond prep station has a safety feature which automatically applies 690 kPa/100 PSI pressure and then cuts the individual test specimens. This safety feature eliminates the need to make a final cut of the individual test specimens with a box cutting knife after the specimen is pressed. The complete specimen cutting operation is automatic.

      Included with the Sample Prep Station are five aluminum platens with a sample size of 25.4 x 25.4 mm (1.0 x 1.0 inch). The clamping pressure is automatically set and calibrated to comply with TAPPI T 569 and ISO 16260. During the pressing operation, a selectable dwell time can be set by the operator from 1 – 40 seconds. The factory setting is 3 seconds in accordance with TAPPI T 569 and ISO 16260. The system is designed with a reinforced anvil to prevent deflection during sample preparation.