Vertical form-, fill- and seal machine

Rovema BVC

Vertical form-, fill- and seal machine



  • Hygienic design, without hollow spaces or profiles
  • High set performance with bags of perfect quality
  • Reliable product protection due to tight seals
  • Programmable sealing pressure
  • High efficiency and reduced down times due to “Sense&Seal” product detection
  • Easy and quick cleaning, as the product area is separated from the drive area
  • Also available in stainless steel design
  • The product range can be configured in a flexible way for different customers applications
  • Filling
  • Bagging
  • Cartoning
  • Case Packing
  • Turnkey Systems

Rovema BVC

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The continuous motion BVC form-, fill- and seal machine
is designed and built for optimum performance, and is
equipped with product detection “Sense&Seal” and the
high quality sealing technology “Premiumseal” in
conjuction with high speed. This will result in a very high
machine efficiency rate whilst producing perfect bag
quality. The product area is separated from the drive area,
so the machine fulfils the highest hygiene requirements
whilst ensuring that the machines can also be quickly and
easily cleaned.

Versatile and attractive bag styles

The machine can process almost all mono and laminate
packaging materials of different thicknesses to enable the
production of a variety of bag styles. Depending on the
packaging material the BVC machines can also be
equipped with different sealing types like heat sealing,
impulse welding for PE films or ultrasonic sealing.
Additional devices in order to produce bag styles like
Stabilo or doypack as well as printers, labelers and
applicators for re-closing systems or zip-bags can be

Best quality seals by special procedure

BVC machines are equipped with our Sense&Seal
technology, which detects tiny product particles in the seal
area thanks to sensitive control programming. In this case

the sealing process and the cutting procedure is quickly
interrupted and the sealing jaws will be stopped and moved
back. The machine produces a double bag that is
discharged and automatically starts the packaging
procedure again. This reduces down times to a minimum
for cleaning and manual trouble shooting. The machine
efficiency is increased considerably and the wearing of
sealing tools and cutting knifes is reduced.
For difficult or very sensitive films, the BVC can be
equipped with the new Premiumseal sealing technology. In
addition to the sealing temperature, sealing time and
cooling time parameters, the sealing power profile can also
be optimized with Premiumseal.
This allows for the very best bags in terms of repeatability
and reliability meaning the best possible packaging quality
is guaranteed for every single bag.

Simple and safe operation

The BVC Vertical form-, fill- and seal machine is easy and
safe to use with the intelligent ROVEMA-P@ckControl
software. Simple operation via the touch screen display
eases change of all the important operating inputs for the
packaging process like sealing time, sealing pressure, bag
length and set performance. The machine automatically
calculates the optimal operating settings. The operator is
supported by a dynamic limit value calculation, which
shows maximum and minimum parameter values making it
impossible to give incorrect inputs.