Brick pack machine

Rovema SBS

Rovema SBS


  • Compact system with latest technology
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Wide range of products and bag shapes
  • Wide format range at highest performance
  • Control on industrial PC basis with user-friendly touch screen
  • Individual storing of production programs
  • Integral and proven ROVEMA bag form-fill-seal technology
  • Fully automatic synchronised conveyor system for bag transport
  • Vibrator to compact product
  • Separately actuated modules for individual bag top forms
  • On-line machine diagnostics
  • Filling
  • Bagging
  • Cartoning
  • Case Packing
  • Turnkey Systems
The brick pack machine SBS combines bagging machinery with special bag shaping and top forming modules. Thus the bags are designed to meet market requirements, provide extra convenience and impart individual product presentation.

The SBS can be used to package a wide range of products. It ensures product specific and economical packaging of granulated, powdery or products in pellets, food or non-food – cereals, pasta, spices or biscuits.


Wide format range and highest flexibility

The SBS is designed to produce sturdy brick packs, presented attractively by individual top shapes and ideal for transportation. A comprehensive range of material specifications can be run, both mono and multi-layer structures on a wide range of format sizes.

The principle

  1. The product falls in the bag.
  2. The pack material track is formed to a tube.
  3. The pack material tube is sealed lengthwise.
  4. The side seams are folded, cross seams formed and the bag separated from the pack material tube.
  5. The bag is transferred to the format cup of the cup chain.
  6. The bag is vibrated.
  7. Excess air is displaced out of the top seam area.
  8. The top folds of the bag are formed.
  9. The top seam is sealed, excess material is cut off and removed.
  10. The top fin is folded, compressed and pressed onto the bag.
  11. The top fin is fastened to the bag.
  12. The finished bag is discharged.

Rovema SBS

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Benefits and advantages of the SBS

  • Flexibility is one of the outstanding features of the machine. It offers the guarantee of attractive and modern bag design and a secure investment. Pack dimensions can be memorised so that the SBS can be converted
    easily to other formats. Bags with opening aid and/or reclosure possibility can be produced in one step. With the SBS even the attractive Stabilo-Seal-bags can be manufactured.
  • PC based ROVEMA P@ckControl with user-friendly touch screen and integrated help features. The standard modem connection with the ROVEMA service center enables the on-line diagnostics and maintenance of the control software.
  • The compact design shows a high performance on small floor space. Retrofitting for further packing variety is possible due to the modular system. All functions are installed as single stations and can be adapted for future requirements.
  • The SBS can be used as a stand-alone unit or be combined as an integral component of the ROVEMA system technology.

The options

Modular construction ensures that the SBS will cope with any
future packaging requirements, trends in pack design and
new packaging materials. If necessary the SBS can operate
as a conventional form-fillseal machine.

  • Heat sealing, impulse welding or continuous-heat jaw assemblies
  • Format set for production of Stabilo-Seal packs
  • Integrated filling station providing the gentlest handling for delicate products
  • Clip-applicator, tin-tie applicator or adhesive tape device to produce re-closable bags
  • Label applicator
  • Carrying handle applicator
  • Erection of empty bags