the TME Smart BT Integra-Pack


the TME Smart BT Integra-Pack

The BT Integra-Pack is a definitive step forward for traditional burst testing. A completely integrated process control tool, the instrument is not only valuable at the point of testing, but is also able to transmit your data from direct process control to your quality department, making it a quality control tool as well. Its objective is to enable you to produce a package that is as valid as the product enclosed

TME’s New Intelligent Package Test System Burst, Creep, Creep-to-Failure, and Leak Integrity Tests

The smart TME BT Integra-Pack©

  • A bench-top, high-resolution (0.001 psig) test instrument
  • A small footprint and user-friendly ease of operation
  • Electronic pressure and flow controls provide precise and repeatable test conditions
  • Automatic and high flow output allow testing of large porous packages
  • Applications cover a range of flexible or rigid, porous and non-porous, open or sealed packages.

Automatic or Manual Parameter Definition

The intelligent BT Integra-Pack© will test any package in automatic mode, with no need to input test parameters. However, its sophisticated nature is combined with a manual mode that lets the user input parameters such as ramp rate control and back pressure drop sensitivity. This allows testing of special configurations or types of packages or perform specific research and data-gathering activities.

    Icon-based, Touch-Driven Color Display

    The touchscreen color display provides easy, clear navigation through the wide variety of data handling and review screens. Clearly defined icons make it easy to choose test modes, move from automatic to manual test settings, view test results in numeric and/or graphical format, and securely handle accumulated data.

      Standard Features:

      • Complies with standards for all commonly-used Seal Strength and Package Integrity tests (Burst, Creep, Creep-to-Failure, and Leak Integrity)
      • Automatic Burst Test Mode
        • Results right out of the box, no lengthy setup
        • Senses package size during prefill
      • Manual Burst Test Mode
        • Multiple levels of control for optimal test results: Ramp Rate, Porous vs. Non-Porous Packages, Max/Min Acceptance Limits, Pressure Drop Sensitivity
      • High Performance
        • Higher Pressure Resolution (0.01 psi burst, 0.001 leak)
        • Automatic Regulator (fast pressure setting)
        • High Flow Capacity (up to 15 CFM)
        • Low Pressure Sensitivity at 5 InH2O
      • Advanced, user-defined smart interface compatible with USB keyboards, mice, bar code readers
      • Low Power Stand-by Mode for energy conservation
      • Graphical test plot display for leak, burst and creep tests
      • High Resolution Color LCD Display with Touchscreen
      • Standard and Metric units
      • Test data exporting to PC using Flash Driv

        the TME Smart BT Integra-Pack

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