TS-02 Open Package Test Fixtures

TS-02 Open Package Test Fixtures


TS-01-EXP 12″ Open Package Fixture

Flexible Package

Seal Strength Measurements:

Burst, Creep, Creep to Failure

 As of February 2017 the TS-01-EXP supersedes the TS-01 and TS-01 HP

Use the TS-01-EXP with the TME BT-1000 Automated Package Tester  or TME BT Integra Packto test flexible porous peelable pouches sealed on three sides. The TS-01-EXP can be used for non-porous welded pouches up to 30 psi. The 12-inch open package fixture provides a pneumatically driven clamp that will seal the open end of a flexible package during the inflation testing for package seal strength in accordance with ASTM F-1140.

TS-04 24″ to 48″ Manual Open Package Fixture

A similar seal is obtained with optional manual  or pneumatic clamp on the 24-inch to 48-inch model. The flexible materials of the clamp surfaces conform to the installed supply and sensor tubes, sealing the package material and test assembly. The supply/sensor probe is sealed on its outer surface to the inside of the package while it communicates with the internal volume, establishing a direct flow path to the measuring instrument.

TS-02 Open Package Test Fixtures

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