Postal Bar Code Ink Jet Printer

Videojet ® 37pc

Postal Bar Code Ink Jet Printer

Videojet ® 37pc

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Designed for Postal Bar Coding
The Videojet 37pc ink jet printer is designed specifically to print postal bar codes, and delivers superior performance for mail piece identification. Accudrop® character generation provides significantly improved print quality at speeds up to 900 feet/min. (274 m/min.). This flexible system provides both POSTNET and “ID TAG” bar code capability from one printer. The 37pc system can apply POSTNET, Bar/No Bar (4mm), plus alphanumeric messages at speeds up to 1,479 characters/second or 4,327 bars/second.

Easy to use and Maintain
The standard configuration for the Videojet 37pc system includes the display and operator interface—the purchase of extra modules is not required. The context-sensitive, online help guides operators through set-up and production tasks. The user interface software is easy to use, with “guiding lights” to make programming easy, and to minimize errors. The keyboard can also be locked, so changes cannot be made without proper authorization. With only one control board in the unit, the Videojet 37pc printer is easy to trouble shoot, and provides easy acces to internal components.

Designed to Save Space and Money
The small footprint of the 37pc unit allows it to fit into virtually
any location within your system. The 37pc printer also
provides decreasd make-up consumption, along with
reduced air and electrical power requirements, lowering
your expenses. The 37pc printer is designed for maximum

Videojet ® 37pc

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Videojet ® 37pc

Postal Bar Code Ink Jet Printer

Print Matrices

POSTNET bar code
Bar/No Bar (ID Tag) code
5×5 Accudrop single line alphanumeric text (improved readability over all previous postal coders)

Print Rate
POSTNET — 4,327 Bars/cec. max.
Bar/No Bar — 4,020 Bars/sec. max.
Text — 1,479 Characters/sec. max.

15- key keyboard with context sensitive help key

20-character, 4-line LCD display

Compact, stainess steel 1.38” (3.5 cm) diameter printhead

Printhead Cable
Vinyl-covered armored conduit
Optional 90-degree printhead available
Length: 10 feet (3 meters)

Temperature Range
40°F to 110°F (5°C to 43°C)

Humidity Range
10%-90% RH Non-Condensing

Air Requirements
70 PSI minimum to 100 PSI maximum, 0.7 SCFM (1189l/hr) at 70
PSI (4.80 bar), maximum

Electrical Requirements
100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Power consumption: 30 watts

Shipping Weight
75 obls. (33.75kg)