Solvent and UV inkjet

Videojet® 4410

Solvent and UV inkjet

Videojet® 4410

The Videojet 4410 utilizes piezo printing technology to deliver high quality print on a wide range of materials at production speeds and with minimal operator intervention.

The Videojet 4410 inkjet system delivers high quality print capability on a wide range of materials at production speeds (40,000+ pieces per hour) with minimal operator intervention. The system utilizes DOD piezo printing technology to deliver high print quality, 400 DPI vertical by 660 DPI horizontal.

Print on coated stocks at production speeds

  • 1”, 2.55” and 5.1” solvent or UV printheads support a wide range of jobs and stocks
  • Fast drying or curing inks on many coated substrates allow for significant system flexibility
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use controller that supports up to 8 printheads for 20.4” (518mm) vertical print coverage
    Offers a wide range of supported barcodes and graphics to
    handle more complex printing jobs

Versatile and flexible solution

  • Versatility coupled with high print quality
  • Can be used for a wide range of applications including:
    • Letters
    • Direct mail
    • Inserts
    • Flats
    • Books
    • Catalogs
    • Magazines
    • Barcodes

Drying and curing capability

  • Average dry time for solvent print with drying assistance is one to three seconds for many stocks
  • Solvent printheads are able to run without drying assistance (it is recommend that drying be incorporated into the system)
  • Several curing options, such as LED, are available that can interconnect with the transport and printing system

Integrated system solution

  • Features an integrated package of material handling equipment and control capabilities
  • Includes a feeder, drying or curing station, transport, and a conveyor with downstream sort capability
  • Designed to achieve high quality prints at production speeds

Videojet® 4410

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Videojet® 4410

Solvent and UV inkjet


Vertical resolution
200, 256, 300, or 400 DPI

Printhead swath options
1.0” (25mm), 2.55” (65mm) and 5.1” (130mm)

Inkjet drop size
30 ng for solvent printheads and UV printheads

Vertical coverage
Heads can be combined for up to 20.4” (518mm), or up to 8 heads

Horizontal coverage
39.5” (1003 mm)

Speed ratings*
1.0” Solvent/UV: 110 DPI up to 1,004fpm, 220 DPI up to 885fpm, 330 DPI up to
590fpm, 440 DPI up to 452fpm, 660 DPI up to 295fpm
2.55” & 5.1” Solvent: 110 DPI up to 984 fpm, 220 DPI up to 531 fpm, 330 DPI up to
354fpm, 440 DPI up to 265fpm, 660 DPI up to 177fpm
2.55” & 5.1” UV: 110 DPI up to 826fpm, 220 DPI up to 413fpm, 330 DPI up to
275fpm, 440 DPI up to 206 fpm, 660 DPI up to 137fpm
* Actual production speeds can depend on application method of transport, ink used
and other factors

Intel® CoreTM Processor, 16 GB RAM (minimum), 500 GB HDD (minimum),
4-port Data Path card

Operating system
MS Windows® 7 64-bit

Supported data formats
LST, Fixed, Delimited, MDB, Dbase, Foxpro, Access, Excel
PDF Ripping (optional upgrade)

Supported text

Supported graphics
PDF as a graphic (optional upgrade)

Supported bar codes
QR, IMB, IMpB, Code 3 of 9, Interleaved 2 of 5, EAN 128, Code 128, UPC A, DataMatrix,
GS1 DataMatric, ECC200, PDF 417, Databar, Databar Stacked, Databar Expanded,
Databar Expanded Stacked, other international postal codes

Videojet Black Solvent (G441-Q)
Videojet Black UV (G444-Q)