Inkjet addressing and imaging

Videojet® 4320

Inkjet addressing and imaging

Videojet® 4320

The 4320 inkjet system is specifically designed to delivern high quality inkjet addressing and imaginag at an affordable price. Operating at production speeds, the Videojet 4320 is an ideal product for the mailing, printing and newspaper industries.

High-resolution and easy-to-use print system

The Videojet 4320 system can easily configure up to 8 inches of print into 4 separate imaging areas of 2 inches each, or combined into a common area with a justified left hand margin. With print resolution up to 600 dpi and expandable printhead configurations from 2 inches to 8 inches, the Videojet 4320 efficiently prints basic 8-line addresses, but can also apply promotional messages, coupons, graphics and spot color.

  • 90-degree print capabilities
  • Label display and WYSIWYG preview function allow users to see an exact representation of the ink jet imaging before starting production
  • Windows® 7-based software

Flexible, customizable and upgradeable

The 4320 system offers USB data transmission reliable data transfer. Operation is optimized when used with Videojet paper handling equipment, offering unmatched performance in vacuum transport and friction feed technology.

  • Can be configured to print directly on webs or add variable data in combination with continuous form laser printers
  • Snap-in heads make the system simple to use and maintain

Reduced running costs and proven HP fluids

Videojet offers HP branded inks for extensive substrate coverage and high quality printing.

  • Differentiated inks, such as high optical density solutions, and the proprietary bulk ink delivery system can reduce running costs by 50% or more
  • 4320’s proven technology incorporates durable and economical HP ink jet cartridges

Powerful Crescendo controller

The Videojet Crescendo Controller is a simple to navigate user interface that comes standard with password protected sign-in levels to help ensure the security protection that your customers need.

  • Incorporates many features for increased efficiency and improved production quality
  • Reduces cross-training for customers using Videojet Crescendo BX printer

Enhanced I/O control
Features such as vision capabilities (i.e. Read/Write), stacker control and divert
gate control make the 4320 ideal for a wide range of applications.

  • 4320 systems with enhanced I/O features are performing successfully on production lines worldwide
  • Videojet delivers the broadest product knowledge in the industry, supported by an unmatched sales and service organization

Read/Write Functionality
The Read/Write (R/W) process generally begins with pre-printed, personalized inserts being fed into the inserter, each with a unique identifier. That identifier is read by the integrated vision device and sent to the 4320 system. The R/W software tracks the piece through the inserter, performs a database look-up, pulls the appropriate record, and following successful inserting process, prints the matching data on the closed faced envelope with the 4320 imager. If the piece is damaged, rejected, or does not arrive when expected, the 4320 R/W skips that record, writes the miss to a new database and continues with the next piece in the stream.

  • Videojet 4320 Read/WriteTM system provides the necessary tools to expand the capability of the inserter and to increase the overall value of production
  • Can be used with most inserters including Bell & Howell, Buhrs, Pitney Bowes, Inserco and others
  • System activates reject gate for misreads, keeping blanks out of the mail stream
  • Provides for customized reports that log production, verify fulfillment and identify/rerun unfulfilled pieces

Videojet® 4320

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Videojet® 4320

Inkjet Addressing and Imaging

System Components
Windows®-based PC
Customized inkjet controls and FLASHJET high-speed raster and bitmap processor, hardware and software
Flexible circuit board cables for reliable performance with print module positioning and contact sure cartridge interconnection
A Cue and 3600 PPR encoder
Base and conveyor control cables
System is LAN ready for integrated mail needs

Operating System
Windows® 7 Professiona

Print Quality/Print Speeds**
Four operating modes and print speeds
600 x 150 DPI – up to 525 fpm
600 x 200 DPI – up to 350 fpm
600 x 300 DPI – up to 250 fpm
600 x 600 DPI – up to 150 fpm
**All print speeds based on two bars

Image Area
Height: 2-inch or 4-inch high print paths per printhead. Maximum of 8 inches total print path.
Width: 12-inch print width practical size established by the software

All Windows® TrueType® fonts

Australian Post, Codabar, Code 128, Code 39, DataMatrix, EAN 8, EAN 13, German Premium Address, GS-1 DataMatrix, GS-1 128, Intelligent Mail® Barcode, Interleaved 2 of 5, Kix Code, PDF 417, Planet Code, POSTNETTM, Royal Mail, UPC A, UPC

File Formats
TXT, TEX, TX2, CSV, DBF, MDB, JS2, Custom Field & Record Delimiters for Tab Delimited, 1 UP Label.  XLS (unformatted) only supported by JM3.

Bitmap creation, storage and imaging of scanned graphics and logos

Graphic Formats

Large variety available. Drying assistance required for coated stocks. Faster drying inks
available for coated stocks.

Ink Colors
Black, blue, green, red

Electrical Requirements
100 – 240 V (autorange), 250 VA, 1 PH, 50/ 60 Hz

Temperature/ Humidity Range
40 – 105° F / 10 – 90 %, non-condensing