Continuous Inkjet

Videojet® 9550

Continuous Inkjet

Videojet® 9550

The Videojet 9550 is a smarter print and apply labeler that targets zero unscheduled downtime and reduces costs and errors in case coding operations.
Operational downtime caused by label jams and routine manual adjustments is removed through Intelligent Motion Technology, which automatically and precisely controls the entire system. In addition, Direct Apply™ is a unique on-demand labeling method that allows
accurate placement of the label onto the package without the need for an applicator – even at high speeds. Maximize your line uptime, increase productivity and remove the risk of mislabeling packages with the most advanced and user friendly print and apply labeling system.

Uptime Advantage

  • Zero mechanical adjustments during day-to-day operation
  • Optimizes maintenance labor by eliminating more than 80% of wear parts
  • Keep your lines running longer with automatic set-up

Built-in productivity

  • Never miss a label, regardless of line throughput and pack sizes with Direct Apply labeling up to 150ppm for a typical GS1 4”x6” label
  • Optimize print quality and printhead life with automatic printhead pressure regulation
  • Track performance and help achieve OEE improvements with onscreen diagnostics
  • 53mm and 107mm printhead versions for optimum performance on a wide range of label sizes

Code Assurance

  • Virtually eliminate operator errors, helping to ensure products are coded correctly with built-in Code Assurance software features
  • Minimize operator touches with on-board label database for accurate job selection
  • Automate bar code creation by linking data from multiple text fields

Simple usability

  • Virtually eliminate label jams and simplify set-up with Direct Apply for mainstream top or side applications
  • Minimize misapplied and snagged labels with on-demand Direct Apply using no plant air
  • Perform label and ribbon changes in less than 60 seconds through simplest web path
  • Quickly check status and select jobs with single, intuitive interface that makes operation easy

Videojet® 9550

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Videojet® 9550

Continuous Inkjet


Application method
Direct Apply (standard) with Intelligent MotionTM Label Drive Optional applicators: Front Apply, Ultra High Speed and Telescopic Tamp (see separate data sheet)

Print technology
Thermal Transfer printing with Intelligent MotionTM Ribbon Drive and Direct Thermal
53mm and 107mm printhead versions

Print resolution
300dpi / 200dpi emulation mode

Printhead health monitoring
Tool-free quick release printhead replacement

Print speed
1.6 – 19.7 inches/sec (40 – 500mm/sec )

Up to 350 packs per minute, dependent on line speed and pack size only

Ribbon specification
Width: 2.2” (55mm), 3.0” (76mm) and 4.3” (110mm) (standard)
Capacity: Up to 830m, including automatic ribbon save (< 1mm ribbon gap between successive prints irrespective of label size or speed)
Low Ribbon and End of Ribbon detection with predicted changeover time built in as standard

Label specification
Width/length: 2.0” to 4.5” / 2.0” to 11.8” (50 to115mm / 50 to 300mm)
Capacity: Up to 400mm spool diameter (typically delivers over 9000 typical GS1
bar code labels per roll)
Low Labels and End of Label Reel detection, with predicted changeover time built in
as standard
Automatic adjustment for label/backing type and label size
400MB on-board label database, sufficient for 25,000 typical GS1 bar code label designs

Print capabilities
Full downloadable font support using TrueType® fonts (including multiple languages
and Unicode support); fixed, variable and merged text fields; flexible date/time formats; flexible shift code formats; auto best before date calculations and concession management; calendar rules; auto incrementing decrementing text, counters and bar codes; multiple graphic formats supported (up to maximum print area); link fields to databases; scalable text and text blocks

Bar codes supported
EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, GS1-128, Code 128, ITF, RSS (including 2D composite codes); others available upon request

Ethernet, Power-over-Ethernet, RS232, Configurable I/O (24V, PNP and volt free) USB (for backup/restore and label upload), remote Control Videojet 9550 via a web browser

Communications protocols
Compatible with Videojet Clarisuite™
Videojet binary and simple-ASCII protocols
Compatible with any label design software which supports Zebra or Sato print engines
Zebra (ZPL), Sato (SBPL) and Markem-Imaje (Cimcomms) protocol support

CLARiTY™ Controller with Interactive on-board video tutorials

Language capabilities
Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, English, German, Greek, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese

Air consumption
No air required for standard Direct Apply labelling

Power consumption
90 – 260VAC (115W at 50 packs per minute)

Operating environment
Temperature Range: 41-104°F (5-40°C)
Humidity: 20 – 85% Relative, non-condensing

88.2lbs (40kg) (max, including ribbon and labels)

Applicable certifications