Thermal Inkjet

Videojet® 8610

Thermal Inkjet

Videojet® 8610

Delivering revolutionary printing technology for films, foils, plastics, and coated stocks, the 8610 combines the simplicity of thermal ink jet with the performance of MEK-based inks.

Designed specifically to print high resolution codes on hard-to-print surfaces, the 8610 utilizes a purpose-built ink jet cartridge designed specifically to jet high performance MEK and other industrial inks. The patented cartridge offers the simplicity of thermal ink jet with print resolutions up to four times greater than continuous ink jet solutions. At linear speeds up to 102 meters/minute (333 fpm), the 8610 can print either simple text or more complex marks for a range of applications in the packaged food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

Uptime Advantage

  • New print array with each cartridge change, ensuring peak performance
  • No wear parts or maintenance consumables; no calibration procedures
  • Designed and tested for 99.9% Availability*
  • Rugged, industrial design made to withstand challenging production environments

Built-in productivity

  • Cartridge Readiness System™ prevents ink from drying in the nozzles during production interruptions, providing clean, repeatable codes with virtually no operator intervention
  • Controller drives up to two 12.7mm (1/2 inch) tall cartridges to enable printing in two locations or to allow more content

Code Assurance

  • Advanced software virtually eliminates set-up errors
  • Range of customer-selectable rules and permissions that simplify message selection and help prevent operator error

Simple usability

  • Innovative combination of thermal ink jet simplicity with industrial-grade ink performance for a range of substrates
  • Quick and easy cartridge change in 15 seconds or less
  • Minimal maintenance procedures – none technically demanding
  • Icon-based controller with easy menu navigation that simplifies operator interaction

*Results based on testing using the reliability growth curve method for in excess of 70,000 cumulative hours and 75 million prints. Individual results may vary

Videojet® 8510

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Videojet® 8610

Thermal Inkjet


Line speed / Resolution capability

Maximum Line Speed
240 x 240 dpi = 51 m/min (167 ft/min)
240 x 180 dpi = 68 m/min (222 ft/min)
240 x 120 dpi = 102 m/min (333 ft/min)
Print quality is resolution and speed dependent

Printing Capabilities
Full downloadable font support using TrueType® fonts
Fixed, variable and merged text fields
Flexible date/time and shift code formats
Auto best before date calculations
Multiple graphic formats supported (up to maximum print area)

Print Area
Up to 2 independent 12.7 mm (1/2”) high print areas
Fields can be independently placed within the print area
Maximum lines of code is font size dependent (4 lines at 6 pts)

Bar Codes
EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A/E, CODE 39, CODE128, EAN128, GS1 DataBar (including 2D composite), DataMatrix, QR, PDF417

8.4-inch TFT SVGA (800×800) full-color LCD and touch screen
WYSIWYG print preview
Three levels of password protection or advanced configurable password protection
Extensive language support (22 in total)

Controller Dimensions
245.70 mm (9.67”) wide
142.90 mm (5.63”) deep
203.20 mm (8.00”) high
Dimensions exclude cartridge and cable connections

Controller Mounting
0 or 180 degree orientation
Mounting yoke included

Printhead Dimensions
194.60 mm (7.66” ) long
120.80 mm (4.75”) high
122.60 mm (4.83” ) wide (at rub plate)
Dimensions exclude cartridge and cable connections

Printhead Mounting
Side or top orientation
Directly to conveyance system or optional printhead stand

Environmental Protection
IP65 controller cabinet, display and connections
304 stainless steel construction

Ink Cartridge
42 milliliters nominal
Drop size = 48 picoliters
2mm recommended throw distance

Temperature Range
41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)

Electrical Requirements
100-240 VAC 50/60Hz

Approximate Weight (Controller)
10.7 lbs (4.9 kgs)

Data Interface
RS232, Ethernet, USB memory stick support, Text Communications Protocols