Continuous Inkjet

Videojet® 6210

Continuous Inkjet

Videojet® 6210

The Videojet 6210 delivers maximum reliability and efficiency for marking variable, high resolution images on flexible packaging and labels — at an affordable price.

The Videojet® 6210 Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO) offers a proven and cost-effective solution for users ready to migrate to a digital solution from a non-digital solution such as hot stamp or roller coders. It is ideal for lower speed intermittent and continuous motion flexible packaging applications. The 6210 is well-suited for variable data coding in the snack food, bakery, confectionery, frozen and refrigerated foods, bagged fresh vegetables and dried fruits markets.

Uptime Advantage

  • Clutchless ribbon drive maintains consistent ribbon tension, virtually eliminating ribbon breaks and ribbon related downtime
  • Simple ribbon cassette design makes ribbon replenishment fast
  • 600 meter ribbon length requires less frequent ribbon changes than hot stamp or other competitive TTO systems

Built-in productivity

  • Bi-directional ribbon drive allows unused ribbon to be recaptured after each print
  • Delivers more prints per roll and a low cost of ownership
  • Offers 300 dpi print resolution for high quality codes up to 32 mm (1.26 in) wide at speeds up to 125 packs/minute

Code Assurance

  • Advanced coder software virtually eliminates set-up errors
  • Range of customer selectable rules and permissions along with simple message selection reduce the potential for operator errors
  • WYSIWYG image display reduces set up errors

Simple usability

  • Intuitive, graphical user interface with 5.7-inch color touchscreen incorporates easy to learn icon-based controls, helping to make set-up fast and easy
  • Variable date and time fields are automatically updated eliminating the time and effort spent changing stamps

Videojet® 6210

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Videojet® 6210

Continuous Inkjet


32 mm, 300 dpi (12 dots / mm)

Print Area
Continuous mode: Max. 32 mm x 40 mm (1.26” x 1.57”)
Intermittent mode: Max. 32 mm x 34 mm (1.26” x 1.34”)

Printing Modes
Continuous & Intermittent modes in the same machine

Print Speed
Intermittent: 50 mm/sec. to 200 mm/sec. (2.0”/sec to 7.9”/sec)
Continuous: 40 mm/sec. to 500 mm/sec. (1.6”/sec to 19.7”/sec)

Operator Interface
5.7” Color QVGA CSTN (240 x 320 pixels) LCD and touch screen WYSIWYG print preview
On-board diagnostics
3 levels of password protection
Multiple language support

Ribbon Drive
Solid-state, clutchless bi-directional ribbon drive, including
• Ribbon break detection
• End of reel detection
• Ribbon consumption indication
• Ribbon Save mode: Interleave (50% saving of ribbon)

Printing Capabilities
Full downloadable font support using Windows®TrueType® fonts
Fixed and variable text and numeric data
User entered text and numeric data (including Chinese)
Flexible date / time formats (based on internal real time clock)
Auto best before date calculations
Flexible shift code formats

Ribbon Length
600 meters (656 yds.) available in variety of grades and colors

Ribbon Widths
22 mm and 33 mm (0.87” and 1.30”)

Image Design Management
Created using CLARiSOFT® for VJ6210
Stored locally in printer’s internal memory (128MB capacity)
Loaded via USB memory stick or RS232

Remote Coder Configuration Software
Clarity® Configuration Manager (included)

External Communications
USB memory stick, RS232 (binary communications only)

External Inputs
Print Go
Inhibit Print
Quadrature encoder (single phase not supported)

External Outputs

Air Supply
4-6 Bar, locally regulated

Power Supply
90-240 VAC 50/60Hz

Operating Temperature
41°-104°F (5°- 40° C)